December 15, 2016

Have you been told that you have anger issues? Does this keep bubbling up, and cause conflict in your life? Do you often times try to keep this anger in check? 

If you can answer yes to some of these questions, then you would know the struggle of managing a part of you...

November 11, 2016

Safety is a word that comes up in therapy at times, The word elicits thoughts of physical danger, but often times it is used in a different context in therapy. 

An explanation of Emotional Safety can be your ability to feel like you can be yourself in a given situation.


October 27, 2015

Prescription medications seem to have become a norm in U.S. culture today. CBS news reported a study from the Mayo Clinic that reports 70% of Americans take prescription medications, and Antidepressants were most common among young and middle aged adults (http://www.cb...

October 6, 2015


If you are reaching out for therapy for the first time, or reconnecting, it may be a daunting task. Often times, just thinking about making a phone call or sending an email may feel like you are already committing to something.


Many people have also had therapy in the...

July 9, 2015

Mental control is a very big part of society. We want to know everything about something before we actually know.


Before watching a movie do you read reviews, look up the length of time, check out what other movies are similar to this movie, check out the actors, actre...

June 25, 2015


The Rachel Dolezal story has been all over the news recently. It has sparked controversy regarding a young woman who asserts that her experiences allow her to identify as African American. Although identifying as a different race is not the norm, people do go through...

June 10, 2015

Is my Anxiety normal?


Anxiety has been a normal part of human existence since the beginning. You may have heard of  the term: ‘Flight or Fight’. The origin of that term was meant to explain the mechanism in which our prehistoric ancestors used to fight dangerous an...

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Is my anxiety normal?

June 10, 2015

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