Is my anxiety normal?

Is my Anxiety normal?

Anxiety has been a normal part of human existence since the beginning. You may have heard of the term: ‘Flight or Fight’. The origin of that term was meant to explain the mechanism in which our prehistoric ancestors used to fight dangerous animals. When faced with a dangerous situation, we experienced anxiety, and then we would either ‘fight’, or take ‘flight’ from the situation.

Today we experience the same anxieties, but our dangerous situations are much less concrete. We have anxieties about money, family, work, health. These anxieties in turn affect our eating, sleeping, concentration, and enjoyment. Like any problem in the mental world, It only becomes a problem if it gets in the way of your life and people that you care about. Ask yourself these questions if you are concerned about your anxiety:

-Does my anxiety continue even after a situation I was anxious about is over?

-Do I keep going over and over with thoughts before I fall asleep?

-Am I not enjoying things as fully as I used to?

-Do I avoid things because I can’t put my full concentration on it?

-Am I indulging in more bad habits to not think about worrisome things?

If the answer is yes to one or more of these things then a therapy maybe a good solution. Call or email me for a free consultation. We can start to find out the root of the issue, and how we can fit solutions into your life.



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