How Control Could be Making Us Unhappy


Mental control is a very big part of society. We want to know everything about something before we actually know.

Before watching a movie do you read reviews, look up the length of time, check out what other movies are similar to this movie, check out the actors, actresses, directors involved in the movie before actually going to experience the movie itself?

Before going to an event, do you find out who is going, where it is located, where you get parking, how long you are going to stay, how much it is going to cost, who is going to go, what they are going to wear?

It makes sense why we do these things. We live pretty busy lives, and when we get involved in something, we want to know exactly what we are getting into.

But is it possible that just the act of knowing everything about what we are getting into, can actually ruin the experience?

If we didn’t attempt to mentally plan and control the activities we are doing, then two things happen:

  • We leave ourselves vulnerable, potentially to a bad experience

  • We don’t know what to expect so we just have to sit in the moment

Leaving ourselves vulnerable and just sitting in the moment maybe the keys to getting more enjoyment out of things we do. It may make the events of our lives less about how we think they are going to be in our heads, and more about the events themselves.

I invite you to explore vulnerability and mindfully living in the moment with a free consultation. I look forward to receiving your call or email.

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