Should I try Anti-Depressants?

Prescription medications seem to have become a norm in U.S. culture today. CBS news reported a study from the Mayo Clinic that reports 70% of Americans take prescription medications, and Antidepressants were most common among young and middle aged adults (

Here in Portland, depression is not uncommon. The fall and winter months especially are dark and rainy, and people do feel “down” or “depressed”. Does that mean it is the right time to take an Anti-Depressant?

Many people, who may take an Anti-Depressant, take little to no medication beforehand. To make the leap to Anti-Depressants may mean having to start depending on something they have never tried before. Taking an Anti-Depressant may also mean starting to take a pill that may not be completely natural, and manufactured in a lab. There may also be social stigma associated with the use.

Still there are many people who take the leap because some of their depression symptoms are too much.

I will list some signs you may be experiencing depression

  • Are you feeling sad, very sensitive, most of the day, every day?

  • Are there activities or hobbies that you do, that you don’t participate in anymore?

  • Have you started eating a lot less, or a lot more?

  • Do you only engage in activities that give you instant gratification?

  • Do you find yourself sleeping significantly more, or staying up more?

  • Are you feeling slow or sluggish most of the day?

  • Are you having low self-esteem and feeling a lot of guilt about who you are as a person, and how you function?

  • Are you having trouble concentrating on tasks most of the day, every day?

  • Are you having any thoughts of the world being a better place without you?

Here are some things to consider around Anti-Depressants

  • Do you get enough exercise during the week?

  • Have you already tried vitamins and supplements (St. John’s wort, Vitamin D)?

  • Is there a life event that is causing you depression?

  • Did you know, that you can try Anti-Depressants as a trial, to see if it is the right fit for you?

  • Did you know, that there are more than one type of Anti-Depressant, and some maybe a better fit than others?

  • Have you tried connecting closer with your support system, to help alleviate some the signs?

  • Have you tried talking with a therapist, naturopath, doctor, or spiritual leader to alleviate some signs?

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