Emotional Safety

Safety is a word that comes up in therapy at times, The word elicits thoughts of physical danger, but often times it is used in a different context in therapy.

An explanation of Emotional Safety can be your ability to feel like you can be yourself in a given situation.

Have you ever been in a setting that you felt uncomfortable in because the setting doesn't allow you to be yourself? Maybe it was a party, a new area, meeting date, or a number of situations that is unfamiliar or maybe just not you. If so, then maybe you don't feel emotional safe to be yourself.

Emotional Safety doesn't have to be in an unfamiliar setting either. It is also can be a gauge with anyone you know.

Maybe you feel more emotionally safe with your friends or significant other, but not with your boss and co workers.

Sometimes, this can create conflict with the people we are closest too. we have loved ones that we want to be completely ourselves with, but cannot.

This can come out with relationships with our family, significant other, friends, or co workers. Generally people attempt to get their emotional needs met through different avenues. For example, you maybe able to connect on a deep level with your significant other, but not have many common interests. But, if you share hobbies with friends, that need can be met. If that friend doesn't exist, there is a missing piece. You may ask to fill that piece with your significant other but can't.

It may also be related to something deeper that you want to change. If you are a communicative person, but grew up in a surrounding that did not value communication, and now you are longing to find out how to communicate better with people.

Reading this article is only the surface of a bigger conversation, and therapy can be helpful with any of these situations. If you can relate to this article or want more info feel free to contact me and schedule a free consultation session.

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