Managing Anger

Have you been told that you have anger issues? Does this keep bubbling up, and cause conflict in your life? Do you often times try to keep this anger in check?

If you can answer yes to some of these questions, then you would know the struggle of managing a part of you that others cannot accept. You maybe at a point where you manage it well enough to not affect others, or you may not be able to control it at all.

While the causes of anger are vast and varied. Therapy can provide some tools for working with your anger currently

1) Awareness

Do you know what muscles tense up during an anger episode? Do you know what specifically in the environment or conversation is a trigger for you? Do you know the events that happen when you get triggered?

If you haven't considered these questions before, then having the tools to build awareness maybe a key in working with anger

2) Shame/Guilt

Do you know who anger episodes affect? Do you feel a sense of shame and guilt after an anger episode? Do you feel like you are just not good enough to deal with anger like everyone else?

Anger episodes have a lasting effect on all parties involved. Often times these episodes aren't the ones you want to have, and may feel guilt or shame as a repurcussion. You may have to deal with these shame and guilt feelings on your own. Consider a safe place to be able to get some support about these feelings

3) Hope

Are you also considered a passionate person? how about someone who is not afraid to stand up to other people or yourself?

In an older post, I wrote a little about anger being a secondary emotion. There are emotions that lead to anger that may also have many positive effects in your life. The conflict of being considered 'angry' can also bring about passion, intensity, drive, or motivation. Consider teasing out what you may really want.

If you can relate to this article, and think you can benefit from talking about anger conflicts, then consider reaching out for a free consulation appointment.

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