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Individual Therapy/ Counseling


A typical session runs for 50-60 minutes. You can choose short term goals with a finite amount of sessions, or long term goals. I practice Person Centered, Mindfulness, and Narrative based approaches. This means that I do most of my work based on your presenting issues, and have no other directive. In working towards your goals, I take into account your lifestyle, personality, and family history. 


Sometimes our issues maybe a little more severe, and can require a clinical diagnoses. I have the ability to certify a diagnoses, provide background information, and treat how it effects you. Some diagnoses can be helped by medication management, in which I can provide you with information and referrals. 

Advocacy and Referrals


Even if issues are out of my scope of practice, I have the ability to provide referrals to the appropriate resource. I have worked in the Portland community for over 7 years identifying, and linking people to resources. 

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